Monday, 15 April 2013

Bluegrass in Belgium

The successful Belgian movie "The Broken Circle Breakdown" is being exported to other European countries. Concerts by the two main actors along with a few other musicians (including Bert Van Bortel of Rawhide) are planned in Germany, Austria, the UK and France to promote the movie.

Belgians bluegrass bands like Rawhide, The Sons of Navarone, Rocks & Ivy, Blue Maxx and more are surfing on the bluegrass wave the movie created. Requests for concerts, interviews for national and local papers are flowing in.

A triple CD featuring country and bluegrass has been released by Radio 1 and is being promoted on national radio around the clock. The set includes tracks by Tony Rice, Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, ... and some Belgians: Rawhide and The Louvat Brothers.

Banjo player for Blue Maxx, Dieter Van Peteghem, and his brother are organising the first Low Country Bluegrass Festival This 2 day festival with have 11 bands from Belgium, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands and the UK.

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