Thursday, 4 April 2013

5 Years of Bluegrass in Greven, Germany

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The Dutch-German friendship and ongoing cooperation at the 2013 GrevenGrass BluegrassFestival is the focus of their 5th year anniversary. This relationship has shaped the festival from its beginning. There are two Dutchman in the organization, thus GrevenGrass Festival has evolved into a cooperative effort between the two countries.
When the planning for the first festival started in autumn 2008, no one ever dreamed about an event in 2013. The upcoming 5th anniversary festival has much in common with the first event, as the festival grounds have seen little change. However the program itself has evolved and improved with the planning of each new festival year.

The organizers tell us...

  “One thing is important for us; we want our musicians and visitors to feel at home. This ’welcome in the family’ and our ’all inclusive service’ has become known in the bluegrass music scene. Bluegrass musicians from many countries like to come to Greven. However not all can play on the stage. Unfortunately we had to turn away more than 30 bands for 2013. We invite them to try again next year and maybe it works out to play in the following years.“

  “For many visitors who come to Greven on the ’Whitsunday weekend’ this festival is a big family meeting. Close to the river Ems, not far from the Netherlands border, they experience pure bluegrass in a community of like-minded people. The musicians, as well as the audience, appreciate the open air concerts at the river Ems.“
  “It is not that easy to run a festival with more than 16 hours of live music on the stage, with top-class artists, and without any entrance fee. But somehow we manage it year after year. This festival not only promotes Bluegrass Music, but it is a way for non-bluegrass people to get to know this kind of music – and free of charge!“

  “Our sponsors play a large supporting role. Through their commitment and financial support they are indispensible to us all. Most of our sponsors are proud to associate themselves with this ’Greven’ festival, and have been with us since the very beginning.“

GrevenGrass is a classic bluegrass music festival and will surely be on the ’European Bluegrass Calendar’ for many years to come. The global Bluegrass Family has an open invitation from the organizers to join them this year - and every year - in Greven, Germany.