Monday, 25 March 2013

News from Barcelona

Banjo master Lluís Gómez, of the Barcelona Bluegrass Band and Swing 42, reports from the active musical scene in Barcelona:

Next Thursday (28 March) Jake Schepps, American banjo player (photo), will run a festival, with more or less fifteen banjo students! Then he'll play with manouche/grass band Swing 42 and some friends from the Barcelona bluegrass scene.

Fiddler Holly Odell (USA) has spent a month in Barcelona, playing gigs with Swing 42, the Barcelona Bluegrass Band, and the Damned Hellbillies. She intends to return to Barcelona, and is working with Swing 42 on a new CD of original material. Meanwhile, here are YouTube videos of her playing with Swing 42: 'Max'; 'Squirrel hunters'; and 'Dakota/Funicular/Mimo'.

Nuria Balcells, a popular Barcelona violinist, is organising a series of workshops for string instruments, including violin players such as Casey Driessen, Gilles Apap, Alex Hargreaves, and more. The next to visit Barcelona and teach there will be Brittany Haas in May - not to be missed!
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