Sunday, 10 March 2013

First European Bluegrass Jam Camp: latest news

Thanks to Danilo Cartia (I) for drawing our attention to the latest news from Pete Wernick (left) on the forthcoming First All-Europe Bluegrass Jam Camp, due to be held at the Hotel Svornost in Prague (CZ) on 22-24 March 2013. Two important new developments should be noted.

Pete announces: 'DISCOUNTS! The camp is short on guitars and basses especially. The next 3 bass players will be given a discount of €80 off the regular tuition cost. The next 3 guitars to register and the next 3 fiddle players will receive €30 off regular cost.'

As already announced, students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, or Hungary can be offered reduced rates, due to currency differences. E-mail Pete for more information.

Secondly, although the Hotel Svornost website says 'no rooms available', space is being held for people attending the camp (password: 'banjo'), with spaces still available as of 5 March. Contact the hotel by e-mail or phone, and say you're coming to the camp. That will get a bed and breakfast at the camp rate of €24 a night. The rate assumes sharing of rooms. If there is any problem with the hotel, e-mail Pete.