Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First Bluegrass Meeting at Sarzana, Italy, 24 May 2013

Thanks to Danilo Cartia (I), who announces:

Since I have been devoted to bluegrass music for over thirty years and worked hard to spread it as much as possible, I have always thought that creating a special international event here in Italy, that could give musicians the opportunity to share and enjoy this music, could help to the purpose.

The first Acoustic Guitar Meeting (AGM) was held in May 1998 in Sarzana (La Spezia), Italy. Since then, the Meeting has become one of the most important international events dedicated to the acoustic guitar. Training courses, contests for emerging guitarists and their music, conferences, concerts, lutherie, vintage, and accessories exhibitions are the main contents of this important annual event. This is the frame I have considered for the special occasion.

So I have organised a whole day (24 May) named 'Bluegrass Meeting' that for the first time will be included in the AGM 2013 edition. Musicians will have a dedicated stage and will be involved in workshops, performances, and jam sessions. Then the ITALIAN BLUEGRASS ALL STARS (Danilo Cartia (banjo), Massimo Gatti (mandolin), Anchise Bolchi (fiddle), Leo Di Giacomo (guitar), Icaro Gatti (double bass), and special guests) will perform on the main stage for the evening gig.

For musicians willing to be part of the event, special accommodation conditions will be provided.

Danilo Cartia
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