Monday, 25 March 2013

Bluegrass from the Netherlands in Budapest

Hi Friends, Bluegrass lovers and neighbors,

We are a bluegrass and old-time country band from the Netherlands: Jesus Evil Highway.

From the 23rd of April until the 30th of April we are 'busking' in and around Budapest (Hungary, EU). It's the first time for us to go to Budapest and we're looking for places to play, good spots, events in that period, and other suggestions where we can enjoy the public and ourselves with some good 'Bluegrass and Country Music'! We'll even give a concert in your living room or front porch :-)

Check us out and contact us!

We hope to hear from you all!

Jesus Evil Highway consists of Wanko B.C. (bass, backin' vocals), Stoney 'The Lonely' (lap steel, dobro, backin' vocals), Pee Wee Flatfoot (banjo, guitar, fiddle, backin' vocals), and Danny Humper (guitar, uke, lead vocals).
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