Friday, 15 February 2013

Thanks to Richard Hawkins

Seldom have I seen such dedication to a job, as Richard has shown us over the last years, as the one mainly responsible for posting all the news on our EBMA blog. When he announced a while ago that he would quit doing that, I had trouble taking that seriously, as his continuing supply of bluegrass news has become a part of my daily intake of what is happening. But, here it is, the final day!

All I can say right now, is a throroughly heartfelt THANK YOU (to both Carol and Richard), and I can only hope that Richard's successor(s) will do half as good a job as he has done!

Rienk Janssen - SCR
Postbus 32
9540 AA Vlagtwedde, NL
(+31) 0599 312663