Thursday, 14 February 2013

On rocks and earth: new CD from Audun Haugeplass

Thanks to Dagfinn Pedersen of the Norwegian Bluegrass Music Association and the EBMA board, for this news of a new CD project in Norway, being released 23 March 2013:

Audun Haugeplass, former vocalist and bass player of the Holstein United Bluegrass Boys, is releasing his first solo album, On rocks and earth, on the folk music record label Kvarts. With down-to-earth guitar playing and a lonesome falsetto, Haugeplass tells the stories of people and places in his own Blue Ridge Mountains of Norway. Using instruments that link musical traditions from both sides of the Atlantic, he celebrates a quiet, but rich country life. Some of the lyrics include poems by the late Margit Lappegard (1918-2011), which Haugeplass has adapted to bluegrass tunes. The result is a series of compelling musical stories that pay tribute to a way of life that once was, and that has perhaps been lost.

The musicians on the record are known from the Norwegian bluegrass bands Earlybird Stringband and the Holstein United Bluegrass Boys, and they have played at different bluegrass festivals, including EWOB.

Audun Haugeplass, vocals, guitar; Audun Moen, vocals; Kjetil Steensnæs, guitar, dobro; Olav Christer Rossebø, mandolin, fiddle; Tor Egil Kreken, upright bass, banjo