Saturday, 2 February 2013

Invitation to 5th European Bluegrass Summit concert, 16 Mar. 2013

Rosťa Čapek and Iva Louková announce:

Dear friends,
In the middle of March the beautiful city of Prague becomes the capital of the European bluegrass. The 5th European Bluegrass Summit and the connected concert will be the grandiose bluegrass event.

We want to invite you to the concert which will take place in the Pyramida Hotel, Prague 6, on Saturday 16 March, 7.30 p.m.

The star of the evening will be Pete Wernick (USA) - the legendary 'Dr Banjo'. Many other excellent musicians will perform: Joan Wernick (USA), Lilly Drumeva (BG), Martino Coppo (I), COP (CZ), Brokeland Bullets (NOR), Petr Brandejs (CZ),...

You can book the tickets (for 290-490CZK it is €12-€20) by e-mail. More information is online. Looking forward to you,

Rosťa Čapek & Iva Louková