Thursday, 7 February 2013

Della Mae on the Silk Road

Della Mae in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Thanks to members of the IBMA's Leadership Bluegrass Alumni group for news of Della Mae (USA), the Boston-based all-girl band who formed part of Rainer Zellner's 3rd Bluegrass Jamboree! in 2011. Della Mae have made a considerable impact with their 'Bluegrass on the Silk Road' tour of South and Central Asia, part of the US State Department's 'American Music Abroad' programme.

Paul S. Rockower, communications director for American Voices, an associate of the programme, has written an article, 'American Music Abroad cultivates next generation of voices', which appeared in the Washington Diplomat last week. He also travelled with Della Mae on the tour, and describes the opening show at the all-female Fatima Jinnah University in Islamabad, Pakistan:

Della Mae's presence on campus was akin to that of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones — students at the country's first female university were so excited to hear the female bluegrass band that they literally tore the doors off the hinges of the theater to get in on the sound check warm-up. 'We've never played for crowds so excited and enthused to hear live music', said Della Mae fiddler Kimber Ludiker.

Read the full article here.