Saturday, 2 February 2013

All-Europe Jam Camp: update!

Pete 'Dr Banjo' Wernick reports that bookings to take part in the first all-Europe jam camp have been very good so far.

Thirteen students from England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic have been signed up, including seven banjo-players out of a quota of 10. Bass players, fiddle players, dobro players, and additional instructors are wanted. Pete says:

As for additional teachers, I will train them in the Wernick Method both before and after the camp, with the expectation they will receive certification to teach W.M. jam classes in their home countries. [...] If you are an experienced bluegrass teacher who might come to Prague or wants to be certified, please write us. [...] The all-Europe aspect is significant, and I've greatly appreciated the support of the EBMA from the beginning.

Read the whole of the update bulletin here. Pete adds:

One last note: My wife Joan and I will be taking our first-ever cruise on the Rhine River, Amsterdam to Basel, between 31 March and 7 April. The boat will stop in a number of cities en route, and we hope that maybe some bluegrass fans will meet us along the way. We hope to see you sometime soon!

Thanks to Richard Thompson for forwarding this news.