Sunday, 13 January 2013

New developments at Moniaive, Scotland

C. Paul Lyttle, presenter of the fortnightly 'Criffel Creek' radio show in Scotland (see the EBB's 'Radio playlists' post) and also organiser of the annual Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival, announces that the Festival website now has a new banner heading, shown above.

Paul also draws attention to the information on the right-hand side of the website's calendar page, which includes the lineup for this year's Festival (27-29 Sept. 2013) and more news. The Festival organisation also arranges a concert series throughout the year, under the title 'Bluegrass Connections'.

The Old Tire Swingers old-time string band from California will be playing at Moniaive on 26 Jan., near the midpoint of a tour of Britain and Ireland that began on Friday last (11 Jan.) and will continue to 12 Feb. Full details can be seen here.