Thursday, 13 December 2012

Old Tire Swingers in Britain and Ireland, 12 Jan.-12 Feb. 2013

Geraint Jones of GPromo PR announces that the Old Tire Swingers (photo above) string band from Fresno, California, will be returning to Britain for their second tour in January 2013, and will also be visiting Ireland for the first time to play five shows there, in addition to eighteen in Britain, during the month they will spend on this side of the Atlantic.

The OTS consist of Paul Chesterton (banjo, songwriting), Nick Kennedy (guitar), Frick Dau (stand-up bass), and Eathan Hakker (mandolin). The press release announces:

In a typical set, listeners will hear both traditional and original songs that vary tempos, energy levels and emotion. The band prides itself on its vocal work with two- and three-part harmonies in most every song. Although much of the band's set list is hard-driving old-time music, fans of bluegrass, country, acoustic, folk, and Americana are sure to find plenty to savour.

More details are on the Owlsworld agency website.