Tuesday, 18 December 2012

News from the Czech Republic

  • Rosťa Čapek and Ivana Louková are working hard on the preparations of the Bluegrass Summit (Prague, 15-17 March 2013). Why don't YOU show up?:-) The invitations should be out before Christmas.
  • The same couple managed to organise the Czech concert of Bluegrass Jamboree! on 4 December. Pictures can be seen at the bottom of this page. AND the double concert (because the evening show was sold out in two days!) of Blue Highway in late October (pictures here).
  • The 17th Workshop of Petr Brandejs and Jindra Hylmar in Malé Svatoňovice (in October) as well as Ralph Schut's workshop Dilna s prasetem (in September) were successful events.
  • The details of Pete Wernick's Jam Camp in Prague (22-24 March 2013) are being negotiated. The event is financially supported by the EBMA.
  • Petr Brandejs (that's me!) finished the first European Jam Class on five subsequent Sundays in October. Nine students were happy to learn how to jam according to the Wernick Method.
  • A phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, Ondra Kozák wrote Fiddle breaks in Czech country hits. It was released by the company G+W. The trailer can be watched here.
  • Robert Křesťan and Druhá Tráva released another live CD, Live in Telci, and recorded their new DVD featuring Peter Rowan.
Nice bluegrass Christmas!

Petr Brandejs