Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mike Auldridge: more photos

Thanks again to Lilly Pavlak for more photos of the great Mike Auldridge, who died yesterday (29 Dec. 2012). The photo above, taken at a show by Auldridge, Bennett, and Gaudreau in Brugg, Switzerland, shows (l-r) Jimmy Gaudreau, Mike, Lilly, Kent Miller (sometime president of the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association), his wife Rosemarie Miller (who took care of touring musicians), Markus Fritsche (of the Swiss band Country Ramblers, who played bass for the trio on the tour), and Richard Bennett.

In Slovakia at the 2000 Trnava Dobrofest (l-r): Markus Fritsche, Richard Bennett, Mike, Ann Dopyera-West, Jimmy Gaudreau, Al Brinkerhoff.

At Brugg, Switzerland (l-r): Jimmy Gaudreau, Richard Bennett, Markus Fritsche, Mike, Jens Kruger.