Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lynne Butler - Christmas singles and Christmas specials

Thanks to Lynne Butler, who sends her latest newsletter with this introduction:

Just an update to let you know about a few things that are happening around Christmas on and Bluegrass Planet Earth.

First of all, my two Christmas singles have now been released on iTunes and Amazon MP3. The first one is a very silly song filled with lots of fun, children, bells, and yodelling. The second one is a beautiful lullaby to relax you into the Christmas spirit.

'A yodelling Christmas song' has a very alpine feel to it, as you would expect, and features the wonderful talents of my son George, his friends Bea Bartlett-Ellis, Oscar and Finlay McRobbie, their mother Helen McRobbie (a celebrated artist in her own right), Sam Brown, and Gay and Alan Cooper (providing the handbells) as seen on 'Britain's got talent!'. The link to iTunes for this is here.

'Christmas lullaby' is as it says, a lullaby that should hopefully relax you into the Christmas spirit and that features Helen McRobbie on backing vocals and Gay and Alan Cooper also. The link to iTunes for this is here. Both songs can also be purchased on Amazon MP3.

Christmas Bluegrass Specials on the Radio
These programmes will include festival highlights too. Although I'm not doing a regular bluegrass show at the moment, I did promise the specials would go out. So I do hope you can tune in and enjoy and I WILL be back on the airwaves on both radio shows once a month from February 2013.

24 Dec. 13:00 - Christmas Bluegrass Show - Christmas songs bluegrass style
25 Dec. 16:00 - Christmas Bluegrass show - Christmas songs bluegrass style
26 Dec. 18:00 - Orwell Bluegrass Festival Highlights
27 Dec. 17:00 - Swiss Bluegrass Festival Highlights
28 Dec. 17:00 - Hungarian Bluegrass Festival Highlights

Lynne's newsletters include much additional information, together with links to major bluegrass websites. To receive her newsletters, contact her by e-mail. The next newsletter is scheduled for just before Christmas.