Tuesday, 18 December 2012

First European Bluegrass Jam Camp is now taking registrations!

Pete Wernick, 'Dr Banjo' (right), writes to the present and past chairpersons of the EBMA:

Thanks so much, Petr and Angelika, for the news, and especially to you both and to Ivana Loukova for helping me arrange my first Jam Camp in Europe, in Prague 22-24 March (weekend after the Bluegrass Summit). I've been excited about this prospect for months, though due to typical delays working from another continent, only days ago did we make an agreement with a suitable hosting hotel. I've attached the camp ad for the next Bluegrass Europe. The cost (€175), is much like my US camps - with students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary invited to write us for special rates allowing for their currency values.

The 3-star Hotel Svornost, three train stops from downtown (with airport shuttle, reasonable room and food prices) will be our home for three days. They will hold a limited number of rooms for a while, so people wanting to come should make contact soon.

I now call on teachers of bluegrass instruments in different parts of Europe to assist me at the camp! I will train you in the Wernick Method, so you may be certified to teach it in your area, and at festivals. Teachers, please write to me for details!

Also, in early April we hope to meet some European bluegrass folks as we travel down the Rhine. If you think you can get to any of the stops, please write.

Sorry for all these details. This will be my longest trip ever to Europe, and I hope to do a lot and see a lot of you!

Pete Wernick