Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Deadline for Bluegrass Europe #86

18 December 2012

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Dear bluegrass bands and bluegrass event producers in Europe,
It's this time of the year many of us sit with dripping and red noses trying to cope with these last todos we wanted to get done before the end of the year...
Many thanks to all bands and promoters, who provided us with their dates to fill our printed calendar. We are now working on an online version, where everybody can add dates at libet, but it takes some more time to programme it to our needs. So, we'd like to invite you once more to manually and pro-actively send in your dates of upcoming shows!

The deadline to send in dates for BE#86 is NOW!

Please send in your public gigs and concert dates between 15 January and 31st May 2013!
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Thanks to all, who used our excel-spreadsheet to send in data for the last issues - it really saves us a lot of time. Please use it again and download here: http://www.ebma.org/uploads/media/BEXX_calendar_dates.xls. Again, we have to insist that we will only accept data sent in this format. We are really short of (wo-)manpower, so we really appreciate your effort and support. It's worth it, as many people refer to our listing, the more interesting it gets in all countries. Make sure YOU ARE IN THERE! IT'S FREE, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER!

Please email back the completed form to editor@ebma.org as soon as possible, no later than 27 December 2012.

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We also have some space available for your advertisements, our rates are fair, and for a little more we also do the artwork. Please have a look at the data sheet and contact us here for more information.

On EBMA's website we have many things bands could be interested in. For example, a free listing of active members of EBMA, which is also included in every issue of Bluegrass Europe in EBMA's Bluegrass Guide.

Thank you for taking time to contribute!

Angelika Torrie
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