Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Deadline for BE #86: 19 Dec. 2012

Angelika Torrie, chief editor of Bluegrass Europe, the official EBMA quarterly magazine, apologises in advance for an expected delay of BE #86, and announces to EBMA national representatives and BE contributors:

First let me send out a few hearty welcomes:
- to John Breese, new chairman of the BBMA, who replaces John Wirtz also in his function to report from 'the island'!
- to Toni Noetzli, chairman of the Swiss BMA, who is now on this list replacing Kent Miller, welcome!!!
- and to Stergios Loustas, a possible future EBMA member from Greece, who is working on a Bluegrass Music Association in his country and will surely have lots to report, too.

All your news, that you will kindly send back by next Wednesday (19 Dec.) at the latest, will be included in the European Bluegrass Blog and the Jan.-Mar. 2013 edition of Bluegrass Europe. Jan de Mooy has already sent in his summary of news already received, but there might be more.... :-)

We (in particular our most dedicated graphic designer Michael Zumstein) would appreciate if you could include good resolution photos with your report, so if you have really good pictures (with lots of pixels!) that we would be allowed to use in Bluegrass Europe, please send them in by e-mail directly, to avoid too much data traffic. We have DropBox and YouSendIt to use for big files; feel free to contact us for technical instructions.

We're heading for Christmas, and on behalf of the editorial team and the EBMA board of directors, I wish you all a peaceful time and a safe landing in 2013! See you there - somewhere!

Angelika Torrie

PS: If anybody feels tempted to become a part of our editorial team - please contact me directly!

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