Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fifth Mazy Bluegrass, Irish, & Old-Time Jam next Friday, 25 Jan. 2013

Thanks to Steve Louvat, Laurent Eeckhout, and Pascal Similon for this news:

Dear friends, musicians and music lovers,

Fifth Mazy Bluegrass, Irish & Old-Time Jam next Friday (25 January 2013)

A reminder:

Goal: to offer a friendly meeting place for fans of Bluegrass, Irish, Old time music and more globally, for fans of acoustic music who wish to share musical moments between players or listeners.

When: these musical meetings are scheduled to the last Friday of each month. So the next jam will happen on Friday 25 January 2013.

Where: at the wonderful Zy’coop place, 9a rue de l’usine, 5032 Mazy.

Opening hours: Doors open at 19:30
Jam from 20:00 to 21:30
Open stage from 21:30 to 21:50
Concert from 22:00 to 23:00: Trio Munnelly–Masure–De Jong!
Last jam for the road…

Who: fans of bluegrass, Irish, and old-time acoustic music, with their instrument or not, beginners or advanced… cheerfulness required!

What: The purpose of the jam is to let the musicians propose tunes to each other, spontaneously, following the feeling of the moment. However, to allow to everybody to be comfortable, we will suggest every month five 'standard' pieces of the style which will be certainly played!
This 28/12/2012 :
Big Sciota (G)
Arkansas traveller (D)
Shenandoah Valley breakdown (A)
Gold rush (A)
Dear old Dixie (G)

More details on our website!

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Organising team: Steve Louvat, Laurent Eeckhout - Blue Wings asbl (organiser of the Picnic Festival)
and Pascal Similon from 'l’Atelier Guy Ness'
Thanks to all volunteers for their help.

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Looking forward to meet you there numerous,

Musically yours,

Steve, Laurent, & Pascal