Monday, 26 November 2012

Red Wine Bluegrass Party #4 with Peter Rowan, 16 Nov. 2012

Thanks to Martino Coppo of Red Wine (I) for this report, with photos by Red Wine official photographer Stefano Goldberg:

The Red Wine Bluegrass Party #4 with special guest legendary singer/songwriter Peter Rowan on 16 November in Genoa (Genova) was a great success!

The new beautiful venue, Teatro Modena, one of the nicest opera venues in town, for one night has been filled with bluegrass enthusiasts coming from Genova and all over Italy, and a few fans from Ireland and France!

The first part of the show saw Red Wine presenting its latest CD RED, with help from Daniele Bovo (cello), Ilaria Olcese (vocal), and Davide 'Zazza' Zalaffi (drums), who all appear on the recording.

After a short intermission, the band came back with Peter for a high-energy version of 'High lonesome sound', before leaving him for an intimate solo set, including a slow but intense 'Down the road' played with longtime good friend Lowell Levinger, alias 'Grandpa Banana', another 'unofficial' guest at the Party.

The band came back in the end and walked with Peter in front of the microphones to sing the gospel 'Going up on the mountain', completely acoustic. Then they went through a ten-minute-long new and intriguing version of 'Land of the Navajo' as well as the classic 'Midnite Moonlite', with help from Grandpa Banana again.

On the encore ('Long journey home') world-famous classical mandolin master Carlo Aonzo made a surprise visit on stage, holding his bowl-back mandolin, for some twin mandolin solos.

Peter Rowan and Red Wine also played a few other well received gigs on this tour, in Turin (Torino), La Roche-sur-Foron in France, and Trezzo D'Adda, Milan (Milano).

The finale (l-r): Grandpa Banana, Silvio Ferretti, Carlo Aonzo, Martino Coppo, Peter Rowan, Lucas Bellotti, Marco Ferretti