Thursday, 22 November 2012

Flatpicking guitar Christmas - new from Roberto Dalla Vecchia

Italian guitar maestro Roberto Dalla Vecchia sends greetings (and 'Happy Thanksgiving' to his friends in the USA) and announces that his book Flatpicking guitar Christmas: 10 carols arranged for solo flatpicking guitar, published by Flatpicking Guitar Magazine with an audio CD, is now available in both hardcopy and digital formats. Roberto explains:

I have always loved Christmas music. In fact, my CD collection of holiday music is growing year after year. There is nothing better than listening to a good Christmas CD to put me in the right mood for the holiday season. That being said, I love the challenge of playing flatpicking guitar without a backing band, and that is what motivated me to write this book.

Click here to learn more and to see sample pages. Roberto's complete e-newsletter can be seen here, and upcoming shows from 23 Nov. can be seen on his online calendar.