Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bluegrass from Dijon: Tony D. & The Old Jim's

Thanks to Tony D. & The Old Jim's, who write:

Hello dear Bluegrass Lovers!
We'd like to let you know about our French Bluegrass group!

Inspired by bluegrass, folk, and rock, the Dijon-based Tony D. & The Old Jim's feature Anthony 'Tony D.' Doiret (guitar, dobro, harmonica, vocals), Laurent 'Wolver Jim' Decornoy (banjo, bass drum, vocals), Marven 'Hairy Jim' Osta (bass, vocals) and Jérôme 'Jerry Jim' Séquin (guitar, mandolin, vocals).

Using usual bluegrass instruments, which are quite atypical instruments in France, the members of Tony D. & The Old Jim's sing lead and backup vocals, play bluegrass, Americana and old-time standards, but also original songs composed by Anthony Doiret.

The foursome started playing together in 2010, having their first show on June 2011, leading to their first self-titled debut album in October 2012. It can be ordered on their website. You can also find them on Facebook.

Feel free to ask us more about us, and if you'd like to get a CD, please let us know where to send it! Thanks and see you!