Friday, 26 October 2012

Stringcaster - open for bookings

Thanks to Stringcaster, from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, for this message. The European Bluegrass Blog regrets that owing to technical difficulties the images and design work on their message cannot be reproduced here. Visit the band's website for the full experience:

It's time to book Stringcaster. Yes, we're busy right now to book dates for the up-and-coming festivals.Our CD is to be released later this October and we're open for bookings. Our bio:

Five men with stringed instruments and a harmonica [John Burki, resonator guitar, mandolin, vocals; Martin Voogo, rhythm guitar, vocals; Jimmy Ellis, fiddle, mandolin; Robert van Driesten, harmonica, banjo, vocals; Marcel Verbaas, upright bass, vocals]

Seasoned musicians with their roots in blues, rockabilly, Irish folk, and country.Years of experience on national and international stages alongside renown artists such as James Burton, Rocky Burnette, Paul Burlison, Albert Lee, D.J. Fontana, Jim Weider, and Helen Watson.

The music is a mix of bluegrass, rockabilly, country and hillbilly. With driving harmonica, high-speed fiddle, hot-pickin' resonator guitar, twanging 5-string banjo, high-octane mandolins, pulsating rhythm guitar, and thumping double bass producing their own unique sound.

Covers and traditional music from the '40s & '50s. And some videos: 'Ole Slew Foot'; 'Rockin' chair money'; 'Stock car boogie'

Please let us know if you are interested to book Stringcaster for your festival or venue.

For bookings and more info:
Marcel Verbaas (bass player)
Phone: +31 (0)6 25167488
Rotterdam, Holland, Europe
Listen to our music