Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lynne Butler off the air - for the present

Radio presenter and performing and recording artist Lynne Butler (left) sends this message to all bands in Europe:

I hope you are all well and I apologise for the lack of newsletters. The last one was 5 August and I cannot quite believe where the time has gone. Up until last week your music was being played on my radio shows even though I didn't have time to send out newsletters and playlists. I just haven't had the time.

I am writing this week to say that unfortunately I will not be running my regular radio shows for a while - at least until the new year, when I will then review what time I have to devote to the shows. Due to my increased workload and the projects that I want to work on over the winter, I initially thought I could manage these voluntary programmes on a fortnightly basis, but the hours that have to go into producing just four programmes a month is a lot more than I can give at the moment.

I will have all the specials ready for Christmas at least. That includes the Hungarian, Swiss, and Orwell bluegrass festivals. Feel free in the meantime to send your music directly to the stations as they will still pop them in play. The stations are UK Country Radio and Bluegrass Planet Earth.

I've done my very best over the last three years to promote you all as much as I can, and more importantly to promote European bluegrass music. I might well be back in the new year, so watch this space. All the specials will be repeated at Christmas too, including the older ones I've done, so that listeners are still aware of the festivals around Europe, when they take place, and of course the fabulous bands/music that is present at them.