Monday, 22 October 2012

Lands End - bluegrass and beyond

Lands End are a diverse group of young musicians who first came together at one of Europe's premier bluegrass workshops, the Sore Fingers Summer School, held annually in Oxfordshire, England. Originally formed for a one-off show, the band, who have been tutored by some of the most prolific names in bluegrass, made such an impact in their first performance they couldn’t possibly stop there! Their name, 'Lands End', pays tribute to the fact that each member comes from a different geographical location - Cork, Galway, Dublin, Munich, Liverpool, and Canada.

Lands End consists of Richie Foley (mandolin), Sam Rose (bass), Paddy Kiernan (banjo), Bruno Pichler (Dobro), Hubert Murray (guitar, vocals), and Sam Draper (fiddle). Although their music is strongly embedded in the bluegrass tradition, each member brings the distinctive sound of his own tradition to the musical arrangements of the band. Playing a mix of original material with bluegrass standards and the odd hint of Celtic and Baltic tastes, Lands End have been gathering huge momentum since they formed in April this year. They played several dates in Ireland this summer before performing at Ireland's largest free bluegrass festival in Dunmore East, Co. Waterford (IRL), and at Didmarton Bluegrass Festival (GB).

Lands End are starting work on their first studio album in December this year. They can be seen on a twelve-and-a-half minute YouTube video, recorded in St Mary's Collegiate Church, Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland, on 11 August 2012. Several more videos of Lands End, recorded during their set at Didmarton (where the photo above was taken), are also on YouTube.

Lands End Facebook; website