Monday, 22 October 2012

Ivor Ottley - playing and teaching in Ireland, 12-19 Dec. 2012

Champion fiddler Ivor Ottley, originally from England, long resident in the west of Ireland and subsequently in Sweden, is shown (left) in Holladay, TN, where he won the West Tennessee Fiddle Championship earlier this year.

Ivor will be in Ireland between 12 December and 19 December, performing in the Galway area. He will also be available for teaching and workshops between those dates. As the 'Learning' page of his website shows, he is an accomplished teacher - a point that is underlined by his article 'Fundamentally good playing' in the current issue of British Bluegrass News (no. 62, autumn 2012). He can be contacted by e-mail, and is also on Facebook.