Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bluegrass Europe #85 out now!

Bluegrass Europe #85 (October - December 2012) has been posted out to everyone on the mailing list. This issue's contents include:

Editorial ¦ EBMA NEWS [by current chairperson, Petr Brandejs] ¦ Cover feature: Covered Grass ¦ Hats off Europe ¦ BluegrassDuinen - News Europe ¦ La Roche Bluegrass Festival (report) ¦ Abaliget BG Festival (report) ¦ Int. Bluegrass Music Awards (report) ¦ Concert & Festival Calendar ¦ News US ¦ 1st European Bluegrass Jam Camp ¦ Risor BG Festival ¦ Gary Reid Interview ¦ Art Satherly (part 2/2) ¦ CD Reviews ¦ EBMA’s European Bluegrass Guide ¦ So long Doc, Earl & Doug 

We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of placing advertisements in this very carefully edited and layouted magazine. More ads are needed to finance the production and mailing of the printed magazine. Currently, EBMA's expenses on BLUEGRASS EUROPE are higher than what subscriptions and advertisements are generating. Advertising could be especially interesting to companies outside of Europe, touring artists, record labels with new CDs... Please contact be.advertising@ebma.org or check out www.bluegrass-europe.org for more information. 

We trust you will enjoy this current issue and look forward to you feedback!

Angelika R. Torrie