Sunday, 30 September 2012

Germany and Ireland make their mark at IBMA WOB 2012

Volker Fisher, banjo-player of Covered Grass (D; shown above), contributed his third guest post to the Prescription Bluegrass Blog earlier this week, describing the band's experiences in Nashville during IBMA's World of Bluegrass, up to and including their first showcase appearance. The tensions, apprehensions, and hitches, together with the rewards and the good vibrations, are all there. Read the full text here. Volker ends with the words:

Believe me, folks; it is a dream comin' true to be part of the real bluegrass world. While I write these lines Sam Bush is crossing the room and smiles back to me. I'm a bluegrass musician and that means a big thing to me.

Yesterday Brian McNeal, founder, editor, and radio host of Prescription Bluegrass Media, published a major feature on the PBB, 'European Bluegrass Well Represented at IBMA Conference!', giving his view of World of Bluegrass 2012 as 'the best conference in recent years', and adding:

In no small way, three European acts are responsible for helping the overall 'High-Tide' momentum. Ireland’s Niall Toner and I Draw Slow, along with Germany’s Covered Grass, each did what they do to best and set the bar of excellence up several notches... Hats off to Germany and Ireland for sending their best.

Read Brian's full text here. Niall Toner was assisted in his set on stage was assisted by Konrad Liddy, bass-player of I Draw Slow, and Martino Coppo, EBMA board member and mandolinist/lead singer of Red Wine (I). An interview by John Lawless with Louise and Dave Holden of I Draw Slow has already appeared on Bluegrass Today, and his interview with Niall Toner is expected to appear in the near future.