Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Downhill Bluegrass Band and Maxida Märak

Sami artist Maxida Märak (left), a member of the Swedish indigenous Sami people, collaborates with Sweden's Downhill Bluegrass Band in a musical project blending bluegrass with traditional Sami folk music. Maxida alternates modern singing with the traditional Sami/ Lappish singing, yoik.

This single, Mountain songs, contains two tracks, 'The mountain' by Steve Earle and 'East of the mountains' written by Jonas Kjellgren, and is a sample of an upcoming full-length CD collaboration.

Mountain songs explores the similarities between the Sami culture's musical expression and the American traditional folk music from around the Appalachian mountains. The mountain has a central role in both contexts, and the mining industry affects the lives of both people and nature on both sides of the Atlantic.

The project is primarily a musical project, but has a more serious undertone and can be seen as a contribution to the debate on managing natural resources.