Tuesday, 14 August 2012

News from IBMA for bluegrass associations

Dwight Worden (left), the IBMA board member responsible for bluegrass associations, sends his August 2012 newsletter to all associations with IBMA membership. Dwight says:

IBMA needs your enthusiasm, your input, and your participation. As IBMA modernizes and evolves, those of us with local association roots have the opportunity to help IBMA reinvent itself to be more responsive to local associations. Let your board representatives know what you think... Come to WOB, share your input, and together we can make a difference. This is a year of change for IBMA, and the time for us to renew our memberships and to be heard!

Dwight - who took part in the 3rd European Bluegrass Summit - also sends IBMA news (including the Fan Fest lineup), information on resources, and tips for association managers. Read the whole newsletter online.