Thursday, 30 August 2012

Help Rawhide and the Sons to worldwide fame!

Bluegrass in Belgium sends this exciting news:

We just found out that Rawhide and The Sons of Navarone are on the list to be voted for top 1000 on Radio 2 (Belgian national radio).

Help these two bands with your vote to the worldwide fame they deserve! Do it NOW as the voting closes Friday at 8:00 European time.

Click here and look for Rawhide under ‘R’ and The Sons of Navarone under ‘T’ and click on the ‘+’ sign. Together they have three songs in the list, and you are only allowed to choose three, so...

For those who don’t understand Dutch, follow these instructions:
Next press 'volgende stap'
You can change the order by clicking the upside-down ‘V’
Next, press ‘volgende stap
Click on 'Ben je nog niet geregistreerd? Klik dan hier'
And register -

Voornaam * = first name
Naam = name
E-mailadres *= e-mail address
Aanspreking: * mevrouw = female; mijheer = male
Kies je wachtwoord: choose a password with minimum 8 positions
Geboortedatum = date of birth
postcode = postal code (if you’re not in Belgium, just put ‘1000’)

Click ‘registreer

That’s it. Thanks a lot!!!