Monday, 16 July 2012

To all IBMA members from outside the USA

Rienk Janssen, member of the boards of the IBMA and EBMA, sends this message:

Every year, we have tried to try to give IBMA's World of Bluegrass a little more international flavor. This year in Nashville is no exception and we hope to continue that tradition from Nashville on down the road into the future.

Lately Dwight Worden (the new chair of IBMA's International Committee), Nancy Cardwell (IBMA's interim Executive Director), and myself have been brainstorming for ideas of how to make the international component of the organisation more visible during the week of the Business Conference, the Award Show, and Fan Fest. Some of these ideas may already materialise this year, others may be developed in future years.

One major condition however, is that we will have to be present, if possible in person, and otherwise in the spirit:

  • Come to the WOB, for the whole week or part(s) of it. Make the atmosphere more international (exotic?) by participating, and enjoy being there! // Register here.

Musician or band
  • Present your music on stage. // Contact IBMA (e-mail).

  • Jam with bluegrass musicians from everywhere!

  • Perform in 'Foreign Affairs', the after-hours showcase program primarily for non-US bands, organized by the EBMA and co-hosted by Nechville Instruments. // Contact Tom Nechville (+1 612 275 6620; e-mail) or Rienk Janssen (+31 599 312663; e-mail)

  • If you cannot be there yourself, send promotional materials, to be displayed at the EBMA booth* and/or music that may be played over the in-house sound system during breaks. // Send to IBMA International Dept, 2 Music Circle South, Suite 100, Nashville, TN 37203, USA.

Bluegrass related business/organisation - festival promoter, luthier, association, record company, etc.
  • Rent a booth at the Business Conference and/or Fan Fest to present what you have to offer. // Contact Jill Snider at IBMA (e-mail).

  • If you cannot be there yourself, send promotional materials - posters, flyers etc. to be displayed/handed out at the EBMA booth* or at the Foreign Affairs events. // Send to: IBMA International Dep, 2 Music Circle South, Suite 100, Nashville, TN 37203, USA.

* The European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) will have a booth at the Business Conference (Monday through Thursday), and provides the opportunity for any non-US member to promote their activities. Please make sure that we will have your flyers, posters, promo CDs, etc. in time! (Only free materials - sorry, we can not send back left-overs...)

Participating in any way is already costly, especially if you come from far away, and we are happy to provide these services for free. However, it does cost us (the EBMA mainly) quite a bit to rent the booth and the Foreign Affairs room, so if you are able to sponsor a little bit - any amount is welcome, either in cash in Nashville, or by PayPal to - that would help! Your contributions will be acknowledged, during and/or after the event, unless you do not want that.

Suggestions for how to enhance the international aspect of the World of Bluegrass and the IBMA in general are always welcome!

New staff member Caroline Wright initiated a new 'Bluegrass Music Heard Round the World' column in the IBMA newsletter - check it out here and send her your own news!

Rienk Janssen
IBMA board member
(I will be away from home & computer between July 17 and August 12)
Postbus 32
9540 AA Vlagtwedde, the Netherlands
(+31) 0599 312663
Website; e-mail