Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bluegrass Europe #84

Bluegrass Europe #84 (July-Sept. 2012) has been posted out to everyone on the mailing list. The editors' brief note on the Bluegrass Europe webpage says: 'This time it just took longer to get all the information together, but our readers are up to a lot of information again.'

And they're right - but too modest. In design, presentation, organisation, and general quality of content, Bluegrass Europe is becoming more and more a credit to the EBMA. This issue's contents include:

Editorial ¦ EBMA NEWS [by the new chairperson, Petr Brandejs] ¦ Cover feature: The Louvat Brothers ¦ To jam or not to jam ¦ BluegrassDuinen - News Europe ¦ EBMA board of directors and supporting individuals ¦ CD Reviews ¦ How one thing leads to another ¦ EWOB Voorthuizen Festival 2012 ¦ Concert & Festival Calendar ¦ News US ¦ Fresh sounds in the World of Bluegrass ¦ Scene Europe - Le Cri du Coyote ¦ Blues for Doc Watson ¦ Two Englishmen in the USA, part 1 - Art Satherley ¦ EBMA's European Bluegrass Guide ¦


Thanks also to Pieter Groenveld of Strictly Country Records for this YouTube link to a video on the new CD by the Louvat Bros, who as well as being featured in BE #84 are also the first recipients of the Liz Meyer European Innovation of Bluegrass Music Award.