Thursday, 7 June 2012

New bluegrass T-shirts from England

A new range of designer bluegrass T-shirts in black and white, featuring all the bluegrass instruments and printed on heavyweight premium-quality 'Fruits of the Loom' T-shirts, is now available, thanks to professional graphic designer and illustrator Anne Steel of © Maui Waui Design in Norfolk, England.

Anne plays banjo, guitar, and ukulele, attends the annual Sore Fingers Summer School, and is working on more designs reflecting her passion for bluegrass and country music. Full details of the present range, with sizes, prices, and online purchase facilities, are shown on her 'Keep on the Bluegrass' website. Custom variations in colour or shirt style may be possible; check with Anne via the contact details below.

Anne Steel
© Maui Waui Design
2 Moor Cottages, The Green
Norfolk NR15 2RZ
T +44 01508 530934
M +44 07868 613537