Saturday, 9 June 2012

Invitation To Submit Your Doc Watson Story / Photo

There is a unique opportunity for all music fans in Europe to participate in a very special tribute to the late musical legend and icon, Doc Watson. As you may know, guitarist and storyteller Arthel Lane "Doc" Watson passed away on May 29, 2012, at age 89.

This invitation comes to you from author Caroline Wright, on behalf of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA). Music fans in Europe are invited to submit a personal Doc Watson story. It can be about your own experience, your thoughts and memories about Doc, his influence on your life and so on. Feel free to send your own original photos. You may write as little as 100 words or less -- but more is certainly welcomed.

Caroline writes: "I hope to include comments from people who are thousands of miles away from him [Doc], and maybe never even got to meet him or hear him live -- but whose lives were profoundly affected by his music."

Your submissions will be considered for publication in International Bluegrass, now available in a new online digital magazine edition. The cover story of the July 2012 issue will be devoted to the tribute to Doc Watson.

The deadline for submitting material is 22 June 2012 -- submit your materials as soon as possible. You may E-mail your submissions directly to Caroline Wright:

[Caroline Wright is an author, freelance writer, former editor of Bluegrass Now magazine, founder of Bluegrass Hawaii Traditional & Bluegrass Music Society, and is currently the Interim Publication Editor/Special Projects Director at IBMA. Caroline and Tim Stafford co-authored "Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story" (2010). The book offers an amazing perspective on the life of one of the most profound, innovative guitarists of all time. Much of the story is told in Tony's own words, as well as personal observations from his friends, family, fans, and fellow musicians.]