Monday, 18 June 2012

The Coloradas - back in Europe in September 2012

Thanks to Roy Davis, singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the Coloradas (USA), for the news that the band got back from their first European tour a few weeks ago. It was such a success* that the Coloradas are planning another European tour this coming September, with shows in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Norway.

The tour just past was made by a Coloradas duo (Roy Davis and Bernie Nye), performing mainly arts venues and small clubs or house concerts. For bigger shows, extra players were enlisted; the photo above right shows Roy and Bernie on stage at the Karl May Festival in Germany, with Tomáš Kubín from G-Runs 'n Roses (CZ; mostly hidden) on bass. Larger lineups of the band in the US can be seen on their website.

Promoters who wish to get in touch with the band for dates on the new tour can contact Roy via the following: Austrian mobile: +43 664 8715118; Band website; Facebook; Twitter

*Find out on their website how the Coloradas got their name on a German beer label. They can also be seen on YouTube.