Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bluegrass news from the Czech Republic

  • The Czech banjo player (and CzBMA and EBMA president) Petr Brandejs has received the first European Wernick Bluegrass Music Method Provisional Certificate. Petr plans to start this unique method in his area in the eastern part of the Czech Republic this autumn or in 2013, and will modify it for the Czech conditions, especially to minimise the language barrier through translation of all written materials. Besides that, Petr keeps organising his own workshops where the instructors teach instrumental skills on the different instruments. The Wernick Method differs greatly as it aims to help students jam right away, with only the need to play four chords: G, C, D, and A. The classes will be held on 8 Sunday afternoons for a reasonable fee.
  • Bluegrass Cwrkot recorded their sixth CD, called Hear that sound.
  • Young talented band Twisted Timber released their first CD, Free ride of our lives.
  • There are more annual bluegrass workshops in sight: XXIII. Summer Bluegrass Workshop in Hustopeče in August, Dílna s prasetem in September, and Petr Brandejs's and Jindra Hylmar's Autumn Bluegrass Workshop in Male Svatonovice on 12-14 October (for info, contact Petr Brandejs by