Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bluegrass Europe #84: deadline for bands and event producers

Angelika Torrie, head of the editorial team of the official EBMA magazine, Bluegrass Europe, issues this reminder:

Dear bluegrass bands and bluegrass event producers in Europe,

The deadline to send in dates for BE #84 is NOW! Please send in your public gigs and concert dates between 15 July and 31 October 2012.

We need your information in a format we can easily edit. The spreadsheet that you can download here was developed for you to enter your dates. Sorry, we will only accept dates sent in this format. Please make sure there are more bands featured than Poutnici (who have already sent in their dates, thank you!). Mail back the completed form as soon as possible, no later than 25 June.

If you don't get Bluegrass Europe in your mail, but you would like to, please consider a subscription at only €25 a year. Get it online here. We also have some space available for advertisements; the rates are fair (we think). Please have a look at the data sheet and contact us here for more information.

And please check out EBMA's website - we have many things bands could be interested in. For example, if you are an active member of EBMA, you are entitled to a free listing in every issue of Bluegrass Europe in EBMA's Bluegrass Guide, and the same goes for the respective section on our homepage.

A next call will be sent sometime in September 2012. Thank you for your contribution!