Thursday, 28 June 2012

40th Banjo Jamboree a great success

Petr Brandejs reports from this year's Banjo Jamboree:

The 40th edition of the oldest European bluegrass festival took place at the weekend of 15-17 June 2012 in Čáslav, Czech Republic, in the open-air cinema. Twenty-seven bands took part including the great (and very well received) Canadian act Oh My Darling and legends Eddie and Martha Adcock with Tom Gray. The latter made some hard-core fans almost cry as their appearance was a dream coming true for many.

The weather was great; a Vecerek guitar was successfully auctioned [see the happy owner, Tomas Honek (also a taekwondo trainer), on the right]; luthiers Čapek and Prucha showed their instruments; children liked the theatre as well as painting; the face-to-face workshop with Eddie, Martha and Tom was crowded; beer and food were good; and jamming was heavy! See you all next year!

The traditional group photo of massed banjo-players