Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kristin Andreassen in Europe

Kristin Andreassen (USA; formerly of Uncle Earl) announces:

I'm in France! This month I'm on tour with Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard (playing keys & fiddle & singing in his band). Jeff is one of my favorite songwriters and he also draws really cool comics and art. Here's a cool Polaroid [above] from yesterday's festival in Lyons.

Sat. 19 May: Lyons (Lyon), France – Festival Nuits Sonores
Sun. 20 May: Bordeaux, France – El Chincho
Mon. 21 May: Toulouse, France – Le Saint Des Seins
Tues. 22 May: Marseilles (Marseille), France – La Machine à Coudre
Wed. 23 May: Genoa (Genova), Italy – La Claque Theater
Thurs. 24 May: Lausanne, Switzerland – Le Bourg
Fri. 25 May: St Gallen, Switzerland – Palace
Sat. 26 May: Ticino, Switzerland – Gwenstival
Sun. 27 May: Vittorio Veneto, Italy – Bianconiglio
Mon. 28 May: Rome, Italy – Locanda Atlantide
Tues. 29 May: Turin (Torino), Italy – Spazio211
Wed. 30 May: Zurich, Switzerland – El Lokal
Thurs. 31 May: Freiburg, Germany – Swamp Bar
Sat. 2 June: London, UK – Field Day Festival

Yesterday I went for a jog around this field [above right] of mustard greens in Dijon. How perfect is that? (World's prettiest Comfort Inn can be seen in the background).