Tuesday, 8 May 2012

GrevenGrass News Update

Ulli Sokoll and the GrevenGrass Team report from northern Germany:

Along with the first spring flowers, again we send our regards to all the friends and supporters of GrevenGrass Festival. We'd also like to greet everybody who is connected with the festival professionally or privately and everybody who is on our mailing list.

The first real warm and sunny days of the year make us all want to go out and celebrate life in the open nature and we can already make out the 'GrevenGrass' event on the horizon. The bands are booked and all the major preparations are being made.

We want to invite YOU and all the friends of bluegrass music to come to Greven. You can get information about all the details on our homepage. We have installed links to YouTube and different social networks. Don't hesitate to use them and link them to your pages and sites. This is another chance to spread the word about the festival. You'll also find latest news about the festival on my personal facebook page.

We realise a significant increase of interest for the GrevenGrass Festival in the Netherlands. Visiting Dutch bluegrass events ourselves, we experienced great anticipation for the festival and a high level of heartfelt solidarity among musicians.

We are receiving more and more registrations from other European countries as well. It seems that the GrevenGrass Festival really has arrived in the centre of Europe and is drawing wider circles every time. It's like a family reunion of all the fans and musicians of bluegrass and related genres. Visit us and feel right at home!

Since we're expecting more guests than in former years, it became necessary to use the camp grounds more efficiently. On your formal registration in advance, we'll reserve a camping site for you. We recommend to make use of this offer, especially in cases you want to get organised with friends or former 'neighbours'. Please, get your official registration via our homepage.

The camp will be open on Friday at noon. If you intend to arrive even earlier, please let us know per e-mail. Be aware that the infrastructure of the festival may not be available before Friday.

You can help us advertise the festival among your friends and neighbors: Download our poster and the GrevenGrass-LOGO from our promotional material page. If somebody is willing to put out flyers at places or events of interest, we are ready to send them to you!

A great big Howdy and looking forward to a joyful reunion at the 4th GrevenGrass on 26-7 May in Greven!

As the GrevenGrass Festival is a non-profit business, organising a free concert, the support of sponsors is needed. Full information on becoming a sponsor or donor is on the Festival website.