Monday, 14 May 2012

Dial 0039 for 'Bluegrass Made In Italy'

Thanks to 0039 (formerly Bononia Grass) in Bologna, Italy, who report:

We can finally say that our CD DIAL will be out in a few days. We’re very excited - this is the debut CD of 0039! We've changed a lot in the last two years (name & lineup) and we decided that it was time to move on. So we made a big work of research to put together songs that really fit with our new kind of bluegrass - 'Bluegrass Made in Italy' - and that are, as much as possible, unheard in the bluegrass world. We have also five original songs penned by Paolo Ercoli that give us the opportunity to say (and play) our own bluegrass 'opinion'…

Now that DIAL will be out, we feel that it’s about time to grow even a little more. In a few days we will be playing at EWOB, and this summer we’ll play in La Roche, so there is no better way to show DIAL to the European audience. We have a lot of new projects, and we’re already working very hard to achieve all the goals.

Coming back to our CD, we’re more than proud of DIAL and we have to thank the fantastic guests we have on it: Mike Guggino (mandolin, vocal) and Nicky Sanders (fiddle), both of Steep Canyon Rangers; the dobro of Andy Hall in an instrumental that he wrote just for us; Rafe Stefanini (fiddle) on two songs with a clear old-time flavor. This project took a lot of time and work for us, and the result we had is the perfect synergy of a great team with the studio (Duna Studio in Russi, Italy), Paolo Varratta (designer), Stefano Goldberg (photographer), and of course our record label, ARYA Edizioni Genova.

There's so much we’d like to say about DIAL, but above all we hope that people will enjoy DIAL as we enjoy playing it!

0039 (l-r): Paolo Ercoli (resonator guitar, vocals), Giovanni Stefanini (mandolin, vocals), Marco Ferretti (banjo, guitar, vocals), Maria Grazia Branca (upright bass, vocals), Luca Bartolini (guitar, vocals)

Track list:
1 Gone for good (Paolo Ercoli)
2 Trouble in mind (Richard Jones)
3 Keep movin’ on (Paolo Ercoli)
4 Poplar Bluff (Ed Haley)
5 Love grown cold (Johnny Bond)
6 Lonesome for you (Paolo Ercoli)
7 Over you (Paolo Ercoli)
8 I know whose tears (Joe Newberry)
9 Hall of us (Andy Hall)
10 Lazy John (trad.)
11 Cheatin’ kind (Paolo Ercoli)
12 Bound to ride (Flatt & Scruggs)
13 Wannabe country music star (Charles Humphrey III)