Tuesday, 29 May 2012

26th Guildtown Bluegrass Festival, 20-23 July 2012

L-r: Scott Walker, Emory Lester, Kene Hyatt, Wayne Taylor

The Scottish Bluegrass Association announces that the lineup at its 26th Guildtown Bluegrass Music Festival (20-23 July 2012) in Guildtown, Perthshire, Scotland, will be headed by Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa (USA) and Rough and Rocky Road (CZ).

Also performing will be Goldrush, Home Made Jam, Dapper McDans, Blue Horyzon, New Redwing, Little Giants, Kentucky Cow Tippers, and John Weighell & Co. Full details, including online ticket purchase facilities, are on the SBA website.

L-r: Henrich Novak, Martin Vitasek, Eric Banik, Zdenek Roh, Vlado Krizan