Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Porchlight Sessions needs help

What looks like being an important documentary film on bluegrass is in an advanced stage of completion but needs the support of bluegrass enthusiasts everywhere. The film, The Porchlight Sessions, aims at showing (in the words of its makers) 'the evolution of the bluegrass sound told through the voices of the community... We are trying to make this film the most beautiful and best sounding representation of bluegrass culture to date'. In addition, it sets out to change mistaken perceptions both of the culture of bluegrass music and of the wider culture from which it springs.

For more info, as well as the project's own website, it is the subject of the latest e-bulletin from Compass Records, and John Lawless publishes a major feature today on Bluegrass Today, including a long interview with director Anna Schwaber on the background and making of the film. Lawless says:

Using stunning visuals, compelling content, and the sort of quick cuts and multiple images on screen that will be familiar to younger viewers and followers of independent film, this project is poised to penetrate the consciousness of potential bluegrass lovers who might not have discovered it otherwise.

The project is now at a critical stage of funding to bring it to completion, and donations are sought through the Kickstarter channel. A trailer can be seen on the internet sites mentioned above, and on the Porchlight Sessions Kickstarter page, where donations can be pledged. The project can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.