Friday, 27 April 2012

G-runs 'n Roses join forces with master guitarist Ondra Kozák

G-RUNS 'N ROSES - hard drivin' bluegrass
Following yesterday's post, here's the band's official press release about the strong new line-up. The energetic bluegrass band is becoming "hard drivin' bluegrass":

G-runs 'n Roses from the Czech Republic are proud to announce that they have teamed up with guitar ace Ondra Kozák. Apart from being one of the country’s most admired guitarists and a fine singer, he is also an accomplished fiddle player. This means that G-runs 'n Roses are now blessed with the luxury of twin-fiddles, which is set to become one of the band's strongest assets.
The new line-up sees founding member and guitarist Ralph Schut moving to the position of banjo player for the group, which leaves him highly motivated to fill the mighty big shoes of Michal Wawrzyczek, who is leaving the band to pursue his own musical dream.
Completing the line-up are Martin Burza on fiddle, Tomáš Kubín on acoustic bass and Milan Marek on mandolin.
The new line-up is already performing and preparing fresh material for the group’s upcoming album release, which is scheduled to appear next spring.

More information on the band, its members, recordings and tour dates can be found on the band’s brand new website at