Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bluegrass on the air in Alsace

Walter Fuchs, country music historian, radio presenter, and organiser of the Bühl Bluegrass Festival in southern Germany, reports:

Yesterday in Strasbourg, Alsace, we really had a good time with our radio MCs. For two hours, from 10.00 a.m. till high noon, I had the chance to answer questions and talk about the 10th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival, and of course to play music from our lineup this year. That took place at the brand new studio of Radio 'Arc-en-Ciel' in Strasbourg. Beside me and Marianne, there were DJ Marion Lacroix, DJ and interpreter Jacques Neufeld (both Radio 'Arc-en-Ciel'), and part of the time a DJ from Radio 'Frequence Verte', Jacky Kuhn, was present. [The photo above shows (l-r) Walter Fuchs, Jacques Neufeld, Marion Lacroix; in front, Jacky Kuhn]

After the programme we had lunch in a very old traditional restaurant at the outskirts of Strasbourg. It's a restaurant where Kaiser Wilhelm II usually made a stop and had a good time on his way to the Hohkönigsburg, when he restored that old ruin and built it up again. That's a great attraction since. Bluegrass music is very much alive in Alsace, and there's quite a bunch of radio stations over there that are running weekly country/bluegrass programmes.