Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Tao of bluegrass: a portrait of Peter Rowan needs help

Thanks to Sven Simonsen who reports that support is needed for a documentary film on Peter Rowan, made by South 40 films in the San Francisco area of the USA, and entitled The Tao of bluegrass: a portrait of Peter Rowan.

Full details can be found on the South 40 website, and donations can be made through the Kickstarter project. The film has been seven years in the making, and Christine Funk, director and producer of the film, has included much live and archive footage of this major and pivotal bluegrass figure (well known for his performances in Europe), together with interviews with many other musicians. A trailer for the film can be seen on both the South 40 and the Kickstarter websites.

A sum of $19,000 needs to be raised for funding by Kickstarter, of which $17,681 (87%) has already been pledged. However, the deadline for funding is now only a week away (21 Mar. 2012). In return for a $25 donation the donor receives a digital download of the film (and thanks by name on the South 40 website), and there is an increasing scale of rewards for larger donations. Full details are on Kickstarter.

The EBB regrets that a Taoist-themed image of Peter Rowan was not available; we hope that the 'Blue Buddha' image is acceptable.