Sunday, 18 March 2012

St Patrick's weekend on Bluegrass Today

Thanks to Chris Stuart (USA; left), bluegrass activity in Ireland has been given special attention on Bluegrass Today this weekend, to mark St Patrick's day.

For his 'Blue Yodel' series of articles on Bluegrass Today, Chris conducted interviews with Richard Hawkins, editor of the Bluegrass Ireland Blog, and Ronnie Norton, photographer, radio presenter, commentator, and graduate of the IBMA 2012 Leadership Bluegrass programme.

A separate special contribution, 'Bluegrass: an Irish perspective', comes from Niall Toner, combining an account of his own journey in music, a look at the scene in Ireland, and more.

Hope River Entertainment in the US have also issued a special 'Happy St Patrick's day' announcement on their blog to mark the fact that Niall is now #1 on the AirPlay Direct Global Indicator Charts, hitting the all-time record of most radio downloads on the Bluegrass/Folk chart. More details are on the Bluegrass Ireland Blog.