Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sacred Harp singing in Germany: update and contacts

Chris Sepic reports from Bochum in the Ruhr area of north-west Germany:

I am trying to start a local Sacred Harp singing group in Bochum (Ruhrgebiet) if there is any member or blog subscriber at EBMA who lives in/near Bochum and wants to help out. I am an American who has a few years experience singing in local US groups in Ohio and Virginia as well as attending annual conventions in three US states.

I am working on building a website and have been in contact with Harald Grundner of the Bremen Sacred Harp singing group, as well as participating in a UK/US Sacred Harp singing workshop in Frankfurt am Main in October 2011. I would like to start a group in my region to help link together the Irish, English, Polish, and German groups.

I would be very grateful for any support from you or your members to get in touch with people in Bochum or the surrounding area to help form a singing group here.

E-mails sent to the European Bluegrass Blog arrive without attachments or the sender's address, so we are grateful to Harald Grundner at Bremen for info enabling EBB readers to contact Chris at Bochum by e-mail. Harald also sends the appropriate e-mail address for the Bremen Sacred Harp group.

Links on the UK website include a group in Paris, and the BerlinShapeNote group, whose main website image appears above; the introduction to their website includes the words: 'Discover the beauty of Old-Time Country and Mountain music...'